CS 572 Micro Architecture

Fall 2017

MW 2pm - 3:15pm, ENS-106

San Deigo State University


Instructor: Dr. Tao Xie

 Office: GMCS 535, Phone: 619-594-2014, Email: txie@mail.sdsu.edu  

Office hours: Monday and Wednesday 11 am - noon; or by appointment

Grader: Chinmay Kulkarni,  Chinmay Kulkarni, GMCS 557, lab hours: Monday&Wednesday 4 pm ~ 5 pm

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Course Information

This course aims to introduce many issues and challenges involved in designing and implementing modern computer systems. Since application developers definitely benefit from understanding how computer systems work, we will be focusing on the architecture and implementation of von Neumann computer systems. Understanding the interdependence of architectural and implementation decisions is of help to the development of applications where performance is a critical issue. Specific objectives of this course include:


Topics  (These topics may change.) 

Prerequisite: CS 370 Computer Architecture and knowledge of the C programming language.

Office Hours: Dr. Xie will have office hours on Monday and Wednesday 11 am - 12 pm in his office (GMCS 535). To get the most out of office hours, it is recommended to email us in advance.


  • John Hennessy and David Patterson, "Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach" fifth edition, by Morgan Kaufmann, 2012, ISBN: 978-0-12-383872-8 (Required

  • Exams and Grading

    Mid-term                   20%   

    Final Exam                 20%   

    Quizzes                      10%

    Class Participation        5%

    Written Assignments   15%

    Lab Assignments        30%


    Letter grades will be awarded based on the following scale.

               A >= 90    A- >= 86    B+ >= 82    B >= 78    B- >= 74    C+ >= 70    C >= 66    C- >= 62     D+ >= 58    D >= 54    D- >= 50    F < 50 


    Students are expected to read the appropriate sections of the book before each lecture. 


    There will be three written assignments and three laboratory assignments. The lab assignment solutions will be submitted in C or java code.

    Late Assignments

    Late assignments will NOT be accepted without prior arrangement.


    Study Hints